2020-07-13 | What We Can Do

The one thing writers will always have to fall back on is words.

That's adjacent to a thought I've had for a long time about what I *should* have done with my life (become a pharmacist) and what we can always do as writers (write).

Writers can write no matter if they are also digging ditches or fighting fires or teaching students or tending bar. I've read some damn good stuff from people with the most random jobs, who are rooted solidly in the gig economy or who do it all as a lark (read Jacob Tomsky's memoir "Heads in Beds," please. It's fascinating.)

I'm not a little envious because in my line of wordsmithery, I have to rely on facts and statements and it doesn't leave a heck of a lot of room for creativity.

I have been meaning for far too long to change that.

Hoo boy. This brings back memories. Let's see what happens.

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